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- Tangled Up in DNA: New Molecule Has Potential to Help Treat Genetic Diseases and HIV
- Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
- Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research
- Targeted Proton Transfer Within a Molecule: Smallest Conceivable Switch
- Humans Began Walking Upright to Carry Scarce Resources, Chimp Study Suggests
- Ancient Bronze Artifact from East Asia Unearthed at Alaska Archaeology Site
- Archaeologists Find Blade 'Production Lines' Existed as Much as 400,000 Years Ago
- Fossil Cricket Reveals Jurassic Love Song
- Marine Mammals On the Menu in Many Parts of World
- Mid-Atlantic Suburbs in U.S. Can Expect an Early Spring Thanks to the Heat of the Big City
- Scientists Map Hotspots for Genetic Exchange in Chimpanzees
- Humans and Climate Contributed to Extinctions of Large Ice Age Mammals, New Study Finds
- Robot Reconnoiters Uncharted Terrain
- Magnetic Moon: Magnetic Anomalies On Moon Are Result of Asteroid Collision
- Engineers Weld Nanowires With Light
- Savannas and Forests in a Battle of the Biomes
- Energy Harvesting: Wringing More Energy out of Everyday Motions
- Tailored Optical Material from DNA: Light-Modifying Nanoparticles
- Master Controller of Memory Identified
- Super-Earth Unlikely Able to Transfer Life to Other Planets
- They Call It 'Guppy Love': Biologists Solve an Evolution Mystery
- Ancient Depiction of Childbirth Discovered at Etruscan Site in Tuscany
- Sunshade Geoengineering More Likely to Improve Global Food Security, Research Suggests
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Evolution Is Written All Over Your Face
- Sobering Future of Wildfire Dangers in U.S. West, Researchers Predict
- When Dinosaurs Roamed a Fiery Landscape
- What Can Be Done to Slow Climate Change?
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Deprived of Sex, Jilted Flies Drink More Alcohol
- Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve
- Chemists Synthesize Artificial Cell Membrane
- Depression: An Evolutionary Byproduct of Immune System?
- Vampire Star Reveals Its Secrets
- Lifestyle of Naked Mole-Rats Holds Lifesaving Clues
- Computing Building Blocks Created from Bacteria and DNA
- 300-Million-Year-Old Forest Discovered Preserved in Volanic Ash
- With Extra Gene, Mice Are Footloose and Cancer Free
- New Defense Mechanism Against Viruses and Cancer Identified
- Bioluminescence: Explanation for Glowing Seas Suggested
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- Gene Affecting the Ability to Sleep Discovered in Fruit Flies
- How Bees Are Harmed by Common Crop Pesticides
- Bolivia's Jaguars Set a Record
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- Hubble Zooms in On Double Nucleus in Andromeda Galaxy
- Earthquakes Generate Big Heat in Super-Small Areas
- Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness Succeeds in Patients' Other Eye
- Scientists Produce Eye Structures from Human Blood-Derived Stem Cells
- New Brain Connections Form in Clusters During Learning
- Starving Orangutans Might Help to Better Understand Obesity and Eating Disorders in Humans
- Geothermal Mapping Report Confirms Vast Coast-To-Coast Clean Energy Source in U.S.
- Scientists Reveal Genetic Mutation Depicted in Van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings
- Tiny Primate Is Ultrasonic Communicator
- Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet for Future Generations
- Scientists Prove Plausibility of New Pathway to Life's Chemical Building Blocks
- New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life On Primordial Earth
- Deep-Ocean Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion Revealed
- Deepest Terrestrial Arthropod Ever Found
- Tiny Protein Helps Bacteria 'Talk' and Triggers Defensive Response in Plants
- 'Ordinary' Black Hole Discovered 12 Million Light Years Away
- Meteorite Shockwaves Trigger Dust Avalanches On Mars
- Step Forward in Effort to Regenerate Damaged Nerves
- Astronomers Detect Vast Amounts of Gas and Dust Around Black Hole in Early Universe
- Weakness Can Be an Advantage in Surviving Deadly Parasites, a New Study Shows
- Culture in Humans and Apes Has the Same Evolutionary Roots, Researchers Show
- Jumping Droplets Take a Lot of Heat, as Long as It Comes in a Cool Way
- Astronomers Discover Complex Organic Matter Exists Throughout the Universe
- NASA, Japan Release Improved Topographic Map of Earth
- Believing the Impossible: No Evidence for Existence of Psychic Ability Found
- Physicists Chip Away at Mystery of Antimatter Imbalance
- West Nile Virus Transmission Linked to Land Use Patterns and 'Super-Spreaders'
- Even the Cleanest Wastewater Contributes to More 'Super Bacteria', Study Finds
- Key to Growth Differences Between Species
- Yosemite's Alpine Chipmunks Take Genetic Hit from Climate Change
- Stellar Nursery: A Pocket of Star Formation
- Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea
- Biosolar Breakthrough Promises Cheap, Easy Green Electricity
- Winged Dinosaur Archaeopteryx Dressed for Flight
- Road Runoff Spurring Spotted Salamander Evolution
- Antarctic Killer Whales May Seek Spa-Like Relief in the Tropics
- Pulsating Response to Stress in Bacteria Discovered
- Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light Speed
- Picky Females Promote Diversity
- Whiskers Marked Milestone in Evolution of Mammals from Reptiles
- Discovery of Hair-Cell Roots Suggests the Brain Modulates Sound Sensitivity
- Friends and Loved Ones Yawn Together
- Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water
- Childhood Adversity Causes Changes in Genetics
- Ultra-Fast Outflows Help Monster Black Holes Shape Their Galaxies
- Smart, Self-Healing Hydrogels Open Far-Reaching Possibilities in Medicine, Engineering
- Study Debunks Myths About Gender and Math Performance
- First Physical Evidence of Tobacco in Mayan Container
- Prehistoric Predators With Supersized Teeth Had Beefier Arm Bones
- Mystery Human Fossils Put Spotlight On China
- Gene Critical to Sense of Smell in Fruit Fly Identified
- New 'Smart' Material Could Help Tap Medical Potential of Tissue-Penetrating Light
- Heart Beats to the Rhythm of a Circadian Clock
- Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do: The Secret Lives of Corals On Dark and Stormy Nights
- Living 'Neon Signs' Composed of Millions of Glowing Bacteria

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